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Gerry and Allen

Testimonial 1

Sheila, Allen and I are thrilled with the results of your lighting. HUGE difference! Finally every last detail finished. With the touch of one key the entire house erupts to “evening” setting and it is magnificent! So glad Bill recommended you! So worth it! You are brilliant! Almost time to...

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Jeffrey Donnell

Our house was built in 1941. When we purchased the place in 2001, the interior rooms were dark, and the floor lamps we could find never seemed to provide light that was adequate or pleasant. In 2004 we learned of Atlanta Lighting Design, and we asked Shiela Sullins to develop...

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Robert Zakem

Testimonial 2

Five years ago when we were living in Atlanta, we remodeled our kitchen. The kitchen had the typical large can high hat lighting and florescent under cabinet lights. Atlanta Lighting Design (ALD) created a lighting plan that was unique and efficient. The juxtaposition between the traditional look of the kitchen...

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Bill Lowe

Testimonial 3

Over my 31 years as a gallerist, I have developed an immense respect and trust for the work of Atlanta Lighting Design. They have illuminated a multitude of art collections my gallery assembled and embraced the complexities and nuances of each with exceptional attention to detail and cost efficiency. Their...

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Cindy Green

Testimonial 4

Atlanta Lighting Design changed my opinions on the importance and the essence of great lighting! Our home is now brighter, lighter, and more functional. It feels airy, and yet intimate, and that in itself is no small feat.  The Lutron system gives us task and/or ambience options at the press...

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Judy Kelly

Testimonial 5

Atlanta Lighting Design creates both the awe and the AHA!  Have you ever marveled at the bright or subtle beauty of a space and come to realize a spark of magic is in the lighting? Atlanta Lighting Design owner, Sheila Sullins knows what she’s doing and delivers on her promises. ...

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Mimi Williams

Testimonial 6

I rely heavily on Atlanta Lighting Design for all my lighting needs. They have extensive design and technical knowledge, the latest products and professional,turn-key service. No job is too small or too large. I could not do my job well without them. I highly recommend their...

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Dr. James E. Harbottle

Testimonial 7

Atlanta Lighting Design is an outstanding and professional organization to work with. They are prompt in answering questions, working out problems and on time with appointments. Prior to working with Sheila Sullins in designing proper lighting, I thought lighting was just a lamp or a bulb pointed at an object....

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Chip Johnston

Testimonial 8

When Atlanta Lighting Design completes your project; flip the switch. Wow!! should be your initial...

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David Lowe

Testimonial 9

Just a few words of thanks for the feast for the eyes that you and your staff have created in our home. I knew lighting would add wonders...

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