Jeffrey Donnell

Our house was built in 1941. When we purchased the place in 2001, the interior rooms were dark, and the floor lamps we could find never seemed to provide light that was adequate or pleasant. In 2004 we learned of Atlanta Lighting Design, and we asked Shiela Sullins to develop a lighting plan, which we then installed as part of some other upgrades.

The result?

With good lighting, rooms seem bigger, they seem warmer, and we find it easier to work, read, cook or play games everywhere. We have added rooms and moved walls, but nothing has as much impact for us as the change in lighting.

Sheila Sullins is a terrific designer, and a great working partner. She spent a lot of time with us to understand our needs and to understand the spaces we live in. She worked smoothly with our builder, she recommended a great electrician, and she has been super-responsive when we have returned to her to get supplies, add-ons and upgrades. I like Sheila as a person, I respect her as a designer, and I trust her as a professional. And every time I turn on a light, I am happy that we worked with her.