Dr. James E. Harbottle

Dr. James E. Harbottle 1

Atlanta Lighting Design is an outstanding and professional organization to work with. They are prompt in answering questions, working out problems and on time with appointments. Prior to working with Sheila Sullins in designing proper lighting, I thought lighting was just a lamp or a bulb pointed at an object. Sheila uses her skills and the latest equipment to design just the right mood for a room or an outdoor area.  Paintings, photos and art objects are given just the right lighting to bring out the best in viewing without overdoing the effects.  Some of the newest lighting equipment Sheila uses are like art works themselves.  Among Sheila’s strengths are her design abilities, using the best and latest equipment and her personality that puts you at ease in turning the entire project over to her expertise.  You can be assured, as I have been, that the job will be done right, professionally and look terrific too.