David Lowe

David Lowe 1

Just a few words of thanks for the feast for the eyes that you and your staff have created in our home. I knew lighting would add wonders but, with your skilled hand, the placement of lighting has brought out all the beauty and artistry of the artworks we’ve so lovingly accumulated. Each careful beam placement has made each piece of art jump off the wall or pedestal on which it is displayed. The eye is now drawn in a way I have never before witnessed.

You have been so diligent, pleasant and willing to please throughout the process. So easy to work with and oh so patient. Most of all you have been up front from day one–a trait I find to be all too rare in this “money making” business world we find ourselves in today. If only there were more people like you, all our lives would be “brighter.”

Thank you for working so hard to make our home the showplace of which we are so proud. Rank us among your biggest fans… We’ll gladly recommend you to others.